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Immersive Experimental Performance: "Looking for Christine"


Performing Arts
Location:  Nave

UCCA invites artist Ping to present an experimental work titled “Looking for Christine.” Traversing performance, exhibition, and dance, the work attempts to restore the human posture to an exhibition, blurring the boundaries between subject and objecthood. Human posture refers to a kind awareness of our own body, a sense of our state of existence which is often neglected in everyday life.

During the 8-hour performance, the audience is free to choose to walk through the exhibition or focus on Ping. As time passes by, the performer's self will dissolve and seep into the objects housed by the museum, deconstructing the familiar performance field. Her body is no longer a fixed performance tool, and instead rises to a more balanced state of existence. The uncopiable sound of breathing, which subtly changes the atmosphere of the performance field, makes all things in this field maintain its original appearance.

Ping poses a question: The merging of Self, Consciousness and Object heals the disconnected art field, even the state of being, and reveals the essential link between individuals and the world. However, in this almost invisible performance, as an external other, how can one perceive that one is also linked to this performance? This question will be left to the audience members to answer themselves.

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Ping is an artist currently living in Beijing. She graduated from the Communications University of China Recording Art, and has previously worked at CCTV. As a sound engineer, she has been involved in the production of many programs. As for her personal interests, she has contacted and studied dance systematically, which has expanded her personal life and work to another dimension. At present, she is also participating in various performance work as a performer. As an event planner and organizer, she launched a series named "Encounter" with Yin Fang in 2013 and has since organized many performances and body workshops. In 2015, she became a qualified yoga teacher. Ping had her own solo photography exhibition in 2014.