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Immersive Dance for Zhao Bandi Exhibition: Party in Between


Performing Arts
Location:  Great Hall

The existence of both elements of social intervention and light-hearted parody within Zhao Bandi’s art tends to place the external viewer in a state of confusion, unable to piece them apart, and thus leading to multiple understandings of his work. Yet this kind of possibility for infinite modes of interpretation is compatible with the abstract language of contemporary dance.

In conjunction with the current exhibition “Zhao Bandi: China Party”, UCCA invites three emerging dancers/choreographers to create an improvised dance based on a systematic interpretation of Zhao Bandi’s work by the artist himself. In the main exhibition hall, the three dancers will lead the audience to explore the various time periods of Zhao’s work, and create unique pieces in response to the different spaces. The meeting of the retrospective of Zhao’s work and the emotive language of dance does not create a juncture of reality and fiction, but rather a new response to Zhao’s vision for the future by the dancers, members of the China Party and representatives for young contemporary artists.


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Lian Guodong (Artist)

Lian Guodong was born in Beijing in 1980, and went to study Chinese literature at Capital Normal University in 1998. After his graduation in 2002, he started to study contemporary dance at the Beijing Modern Dance Company. Then from 2004 to 2005, he danced at the Jinxing Dance Theater and Beijing Dance/LDTX. He became a freelance dancer and choreographer in 2006, working with different artists and groups including the Living Dance Studio, Paper Tiger Studio, Y-Space, Fan Theatre, Wang Jianwei, Cao Fei, Feng Jiangzhou, Li Jianjun, Tino Sehgal, Jerome Bel, etc. He performed in a number of festivals and theaters, including the CCD Independent Choreographer Project, Beijing Fringe Festival, Theater der Welt,Kampnagel Hamburg, and München Kammerspiele. He was invited to join the “Beyond China” international choreographer project by Emio Greco/PC Holland in 2010, and joined the American Dance Festival with a full scholarship in 2012. His choreographic works were invited to be presented at the Beijing Cross Festival, Shanghai Cross Festival, Beijing Modern Dance Festival, and Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. His major works are “Mental Imagery”, “Odds and Ends”, “Time”, “The Moment”, and “Encounter”.

Li Zhan (Artist)

In 2010, Li received her B.A degree from the Department of Dance of Nanjing Art Institute, China. In 2013, Li graduated with an MFA from the Department of Modern Dance of University in Utah, USA. Li’s choreographed graduation work chosen by the University of Utah to be perform in 2013 ACDFA, and selected for the final Gala concert. She also received the first annual Jon Scovile/Tandy Beal Award, for her innovative creative process. After gradate school, she was selected by the Mare Nostrum Elements Emerging Choreographer series 2013 in New York, presented her work “The Cover” at LPAC (NYC). She attended the Gaga Intensive class at the Batsheva Dance Company in both Israel and New York. As a performer, she had the pleasure of working with artists like Elena Demyanenko (NYC), Andrea Miller (NYC), Stephen Kaster, Sharee Lane, etc. In 2014, she moved back to China, joined Houying Dance Theatre, and performed the works “TUTU” and “Floating”, etc. worldwide. In 2016, she joined the Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre, performed work “Trans la valo”, “In the name of rose” and “R.E.M a Dream Sequence”. In 2016, she choreographed a 50 minute original work “FUME” supported by 9CDT.

Zhu Sujie (Artist)

Zhu Sujie, a Jiangsu-native, is an improviser and multi-disciplinary performer. She studied and lived abroad for 9 years. She studied Theater & Dance, and Anthropology at Colby College in the United States, and upon graduation in 2015, received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which provided support for her original project that explored cross-cultural improvisational performances in Japan, Korea, Chile, and Europe. In the past few years she has collaborated with artists, choreographers, and sound designers from many countries for both student and professional work. She hopes to continue her nomadic journey, and find more depth and nuances in her exploration in both performance and everyday life.


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