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UCCA National Holiday Series Transboundary Concert: Into Space


Location:  Nave
Language:  Chinese

On 1 October, UCCA invites the renowned violinist Sibo Xu and his friends to present a transboundary concert — “Into Space.” This experimental and largely improvised concert combines looped violin music, guzheng, percussion, music videos, and singing. The music grows from the performers’ imagination, an unconstrained flow of visionary notes and noises that seem to originate from the vast universe.

A loop is a repeating section of sound material that can be created using a wide range of music technologies, including turntables, digital samplers, and synthesizers, among others. While it may be ubiquitous in electronic music, the combination of the violin with looping is an entirely new performance form in China. Looping can create infinite possibilities. By fusing classical and modern music and overturning our conventional understanding of the violin, Xu and his friends will bring you a profoundly experimental electroacoustic experience.


80 RMB/Adult

60 RMB/UCCA Member


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Sibo Xu (Violinist of the Liaoning Symphony Orchestra)

Sibo Xu is a renowned violinist who has recently turned to the electric violin and street performance in his practice. He has held a number of successful solo multimedia concerts. Xu has produced and released two studio albums, Into Space and Dark Side, and an EP titled String. Xu has appeared in Avenue of Stars on CCTV, The Fight of Beautiful Voices on Shanghai TV, the Spring Festival special broadcast and New Year’s concert on Liaoning TV, the Mercedes Benz global launch at the Shanghai Auto Show, and The Landlord's Cat national tour of 2017, among other events.

Qing Miao (Guzheng musician of the China National Orchestra)

Qing Miao is a guzheng musician of the China National Orchestra, and holds a Master’s degree in guzheng from the Central Conservatory of Music. After apprenticing under professor Li Jie of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, professor Fan Yifen of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, and professor Li Men of Central Conservatory of Music successively, Miao has mastered a wide range of performance styles spanning the traditional, the modern, and the experimental. Miao has appeared on stages both home and abroad, including the United States, Russia, Greece, Peru, Ecuador, Fiji, and Tonga, among others. Miao has performed for various state leaders. Successful in the academic field as well, Miao has guided many talented students who have been admitted to prestigious schools such as the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Capital Normal University, and Nanjing Normal University.

Tianyuan Niu (Percussion musician of the Liaoning Symphony Orchestra)

Tianyuan Niu is a percussion musician of the Liaoying Symphony Orchestra. Since 2013, Tianyuan Niu has been invited to perform in TV programs like CCTV’s Amazing Chinese, SMG’s Xiao’ao Jiang Hu, The Law of Challenge, ZJSTV’s Chinese Comedy Star, JSTV’s Super Brain, and more. In August 2017, he was invited to BJTV’s program Comedy Show and entered the finals.

Jia Ma (Singer)

Singer Jia Ma graduated from the Shenyang Conservatory of Music majoring in pop music. He participated in the recording of Xiao’ao Jianghu on Oriental TV, and season two of Come Sing with Me Season on Hunan TV, of which he won first place as the champion of Stefanie Sun’s group. His early wide-ranging scope of music included pop, jazz, blues, folk, and spiritual songs, among others. After practicing meditation, he also began to incorporate folk songs, Hoomei, chanting, Indian Brahman singing, and Arabic chants, into his work, thus cultivating an open, diverse, and unique style that welds together electronic, classical, rock, and psychedelic music. In 2017, he was invited by Mongolia to represent China in the "Nadam World Congress." He has performed in the United States, Italy, Germany, and many other countries upon the invitation of various organizations.

Han Su (Designer / VJ)

Han Su is the founder of Ten Recluse Studio, a sculptor, and an interdisciplinary VJ. He was responsible for designing the posters and visuals for the performance “Young Violinist Lao Xu and His Friends”. Han Su participated in the "Aimu.maer's Mountain" exhibition with violinist Sibo Xu, and co-designed the visual campaign for the multimedia work maer's mountain. He designed the visuals for Sibo Xu’s first album Into Space, and was the VJ at the album release party. Along with Secondhand Rose lead singer Liang Long, he was invited to VJ for the New Year electronic party “Red with Green.”